Willkommen from Cabaret of course, and scenes from La Belle Spectacle fundraiser for, and by, The Methow Community Theater players. Of course one gets the backing track, and it has all these musical interludes and parts for the interaction with the orchestra, like the play, but we did not have an orchestra, so I added some lines, n' est pas.

During this film there is a montage of clips from the whole show that night, one of which is a scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show in which the character Brad Majors is played by Tom Zbyszewski, one of the three fire-fighters who died in the Twisp River Fire of 2015. This was the only time I acted on stage with Tom (I played the bald English guy role, Riff Raff), but I had seen him act in other plays, notably as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, theatre being one his many passions. He was a natural and one of us, —in the unspoken language of the community of performers— that is someone who was born to be on stage. He is sadly missed.

WILLKOMMEN (dir. Jody Love)