DANBERT NOBACON freak music legend author, artist, performer, former Chumbawamba, lives and works in, and out of, Twisp WA in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in North Central Washington USA.

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NEW ALBUM MESMERICA (Expect A Circus) (due MAY 2020) ...

(01.20.20. UPDATE recording is completed ... mixing 95% completed, due to finish this week)
The album is a musical theatrical fantastical journey into the burning questions of our times ... how we have become entrapped in this mess and how to rid ourselves of the Neo-Liberal nightmare, which spews out its wanton by-products—greenhouse gases and daily misery for the many—as if there were no tomorrow? Replete with anger, outrage, good tunes, humor and humanity at its best, it also manages to ask what role art may have in all of this?
Danbert Nobacon and Kira Wood Cramer take leading roles in this verbal burlesque hybrid, and are joined by an ensemble of new and returning Axis of Dissent musicians, and a full cast on no less than twenty three characters ...

"Kind of a Ari Up and Culture Shock, tag wrestle Viv Stanshall and Zounds, in retro-future-vaudeville-punk-dancehall."
— Suriane Babineaux Blurbnote January 2025

An early rough (emphasis on the rough) rush release of one lead track came out in September 2019 in support of GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKES and can be heard here. EMERGENCY
new fully finished, fully mixed tracks and videos coming soon ...


WOEBEGONER most recent album 2019
LISTEN/BUY ... ... HARD COPY available at:
The fully regracked, re-vocalized, re-mixed and reimagined 2018 version of the Woebegone (2010) album. The new album version features Kuinka's Miranda Zickler and The Bad Things, (released date Feb 1st 2019)

VIDEO September 2018 (below) - Autonomic Stress (EXTREME FIRE NORMAL)

ALBUM Stardust to Darwinstuff (2017) exploring the consilience between art and science, and in opposition to Trump's war on art and science and in defense of common humanity and the planet.

cover photo Laura Gunnip WA