DANBERT NOBACON freak music legend author, artist, mischievous political goblin, genre-hopping punk-folk thespian, Chumbawamba alumni, lives in and works out of, Twisp WA in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in North Central Washington USA.

#CEASEFIRE NOW Musicians for Palestine

KOCHTOPUS'S GARDEN—NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL CAPITALISM—THE MUSICAL exploring Dark Money Anon's capture of the US political system, it's idiot plan to rule a burning planet, and people fighting back. The albums feature an expanded roster of musicians from both sides of the Atlantic ...

The albums will be released worldwide on International Workers Day - May Day 05.01.24. through Bandcamp, and following on soon on all the usual digital platforms. There will be an Apple Masters release later in May and and a double CD will be available in July.

update January 2024 - Danbert is all repaired and operational again: new aortic heart valve working great ... thank you medical science, and all those who sail in that ship, thank you!

NEW SINGLE released 04.17.24.
'critical thinking, spiky sounding, twenty first century punk populist anger from below'
NEW YORK TIMES AGREES WITH FOX and all the other corporate mainstream outlets in manufacturing a mirage of consent to promote American market fundamentalism ... not least by erecting a protective firewall to champion its extreme capitalist values and shield it from serious question. And in so doing, pretending that the transfer of wealth upwards to the elites, as the needs of ordinary people are denied ... as if by magic ... et voilà ... is the moderate position that enjoys popular support.

WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE released Valentine's Day 2024, "with love from the working class"


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MESMERICA - EXPECT A CIRCUS double album 2020

The albums are "a thespian punk rock extravaganza.” ... Danbert Nobacon and Kira Wood Cramer take leading roles in this verbal burlesque hybrid, and are joined by an ensemble of new and returning Axis of Dissent musicians, and a full cast of no less than twenty three characters ... classifies as a double album because, like a good stage play or film it clocks in at the 84 minute mark

Based on the novel “Brain Circus” by Danbert Nobacon, which, for reasons relating to, protecting intellectual property from prying corporate algorithms, only currently exists inside the authors head.

An epic odyssey into the absurdity and frustrations of modern life that bounces along with a deceptively festive tone, all while painting a highly detailed portrait of the American dream turned into a nightmare … zany (in its) cinematic glory … catchy as hell …

—The Comet - Radarstation

Always with a mischievous smirk … details the horrors of late period capitalism … This is the album that hardcore Chumbawamba fans have wanted for years.


“Mesmerica should strike a chord with anyone who's tired with the ridiculousness of the status quo … Nobacon knows what's up, and Mesmerica breaks it down with humor and grace.”

—Jon Wright Radio Airplay

FILM May 2020

FILM February 2020
Expect A Circus

FILM September 2018
Autonomic Stress (EXTREME FIRE NORMAL)

WOEBEGONER album 2019
The fully regracked, re-vocalized, re-mixed and reimagined 2018 version of the Woebegone (2010) album. The new album version features Kuinka's Miranda Zickler and The Bad Things:

Don’t tell me you read books, Come read my thought crimes
Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Come smell what’s on my mind
Half a dozen of imagination, six of reality
Once bitten, twice smitten, rolling off the edge of the map.

Exploring the consilience between art and science, and in opposition to Trump's war on art and science and in defense of common humanity and the planet.

As random as the atoms cast,
From the belly of an exploding star
Comingling into a solar system
With a goldilocks planet just like ours