DANBERT NOBACON freak music legend author, artist, performer, former Chumbawamba, lives and works in, and out of, Twisp WA in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in North Central Washington USA.

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WOEBEGONER new album 2019
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The fully regracked, re-vocalized, re-mixed and reimagined 2018 version of the Woebegone (2010) album. The new album version features Kuinka's Miranda Zickler and The Bad Things, (released date Feb 1st 2019)

NEW SONG "stop The Wall and we put a gaping big hole in this re-election campaign" BUILDING A WALL (NOT NOW! NOT EVER!) Live at The Book Club, Twisp WA February 2019 ... see music video below.

NEW SONG "a punk mantra for the Mid-Terms" G.O.P. Spells Gutting Our Planet (demo) October 2018.


VIDEO September 2018 (below) - Autonomic Stress (EXTREME FIRE NORMAL)

ALBUM Stardust to Darwinstuff (2017) exploring the consilience between art and science, and in opposition to Trump's war on art and science and in defense of common humanity and the planet.

cover photo Laura Gunnip WA

Live at The Book Club. Twisp WA ... February 15th 2019